have put some of our customers' new and old favourites into jars!

Buy them to enjoy at home, as a gift, or to include in a gift bag:
  • Pork liver pate with caramelized butter
  • Creme brulee
  • Tarragon mayonnaise
  • Handmade jams
  • Flavoured butter
  • Bread "Spargel"
  • Baguette

Something fascinating and new - in Spargel, there is also a hidden cheese chamber where you can find delicious 
cheeses from Dutch small producers.

The selection includes cow, sheep and goat milk cheeses with exciting flavours 
and additions, precisely packaged in convenient sizes
150g | 250g

You can also trust us to assemble gift packages for you - just let us know your 
wishes and Your only task will be to come pick it up!

Contact us for more information: